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March Release (below)

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Hey guys! I finished my finals a couple days ago. I am so so tired. So many ideas. Im working on it. Updates soon.


Ummm... so I have 5 days until I am releasing my next Click Release! I found Ko-fi and am fighitng the urge to catch up every platform! It is so hard to navigate! I am just so excited! Anyways- explore the page- most everything clicks.


Hey everyone! We just updated this page again! We are loving how everything is coming together... or clicking. Everything is in progress, but we just wanted to share!

A space for breath.

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It's more than just a workspace.

It's a place to learn together

about growth and acceptance.

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Here, I go by Caecus (she/her). ​ I started this as an 18-year-old senior. ​ I created this site in November 2021 as a portfolio for my creations, a generator of ideas, an experiment in expression, and an acceptance of imperfection. ​​ After some traumatic events from Spring 2021, I leaned into art. After a diagnosis* of ADHD, I started spiraling and psychoanalyzing myself. While feeling extreme boredom in my classes, I started my "Beautiful Trash Journal" aka "The Imperfect Journal". While drawing, I looked for an escape, but I still criticized myself. It was not soothing my brain. I started to realize that, it was still art. It showed my emotion, it just wasn't my definition of perfect. Perfection is a killer, I know this. ​ I spend a lot of time drawing and have an urgent itch to show what I make. ​ Sometimes they are sufficient, sometimes I needed to add a poem or an analysis of it. Sometimes I tried to remake it digitally. Sometimes, I hate it. But, regardless, they are all accepted here. I must remind myself, everything is in process. These drawing will be seen in Unwritten, late 2022. After a couple of months of uploading and creating, I didn't have enough space digitally to hold all my work, I also had three hours a day to freely write. This led me to organizing a manuscript, now published and titled "She Loves Control". ​​ Explore with me on this journey, a journey of creative writing, visual arts, and self-acceptance.

My name (Cecilia) comes from the name Cecil, which originated from "Caecus". While it is difficult to spell and pronounce [kai-ih-cuhs] nothing else fits right. "Caecus" = blind .

While I have this platform to express my creativity and art, I am in college for Exercise Science and Athletic Training. I find I have enough space in my life to focus on Chalk BYC and the health fields. My goal with these degrees will be do find my niche and specialize in eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and realist lifestyle expectations- or whatever else happens.


Here's a quick tour if you need:

The Click is the intersection of acceptance and freedom.

The intersection of chaos and perfection.

An allowance for rule breaking

I am fascinated with connections and creating different dimensions through art

"The Click" is where it all works. The campus of self expression at its core. Might as well just bookmark it right here because this is where it all clicks.

Okay but what is it??

Okay. It's a museum. An escape room. A sequel. A backstory. A message.

It's a playground, a battlefield, a healing space, a nomads land.

2020 2021 2022 2023

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It's March 10th!

This is the teaser one!

Check it out below!


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for now check patreon :)

The Following is a teaser introduction of a rough draft of a memoir + diary I am going to publish called "Under Investigation". It will be online as an ebook and published as a hardcover once enough traction is made. Let me know if you like it!





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Heyo! Check back later! We are adding another way to add our "app" too! It's all happening!

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